Learn From Your History

Hi Ladies, 

I hope all is well! I hope you have plans to think on the million things you have to be thankful for this week. While you’re planning to eat everything your heart desires, I hope you’re thankful for every blessing of each day.  

This week, we’re talking about history.  It’s so important to understand your history so you’ll understand why you do the things you do.  A lot of times history will repeat itself in different ways until you recognize the pattern.  Every experience you have is a way to learn about yourself.

I encourage you to think about what you’ve experienced and how you respond.  Ask yourself why you allow certain things, or why a similar situation always happens in your life.
Here’s a few questions I want you to ask yourself and you can ask someone you trust these questions about you as well. 


  • Do you have friends?  Do you allow friendships to grow in your life or do you separate yourself from people?


  • Do you trust people? Do you have anyone in your life that you trust? Do you trust yourself?


  • Do you expect people to lie to you or be honest? Are you honest with yourself?


  • Have you experienced rejection repeatedly?  Have your loved ones rejected you?  Have you been betrayed by those who should have protected you?


  • Do you think you’re valuable? Were you told you were valuable as a child or did you have to learn your value the hard way?
  • Do you love yourself? Do you only feel loved with a man is showing you love? Love is an action word & your actions toward yourself will tell you if you love yourself.  

Every experience you’ve had shapes your world now.  If you grew up without a father, how did that effect you? If you grew up in an abusive family, how did that effect you? If you experienced sexual abuse, how did that effect you?  If one of your parents were addicted to drugs, how did that effect you?  If you grew up in foster care, how did that effect you?  Did you get celebrated for your birthdays?  Did you grow up on government assistance?  Did you have a lot of food to eat when you were a child? Did your parents graduate from college, or are you the 1st generation college graduate? Did you receive hugs? Did you hear I love you.  Were you encouraged or discouraged?

What is a memory you have that sticks out from your childhood? Is it good or bad?  I’m asking these questions so you’ll figure out more about yourself.  The next step is to heal from it.  Your experiences don’t have to be your reality.  You can choose to heal from what hurt you, and I hope you make that choice today. Then choose to heal daily from that point on.  I honestly believe healing is a journey, not a destination.  

Also, I'm a woman who believes in the power of prayer.  I have a group on Facebook just for ladies where we are encouraging each other to grow in the Lord daily.  To join us click here  https://tinyurl.com/y4usa6pu   If you would like me to stand in agreement with you in prayer reply back to this email...PRAYER WORKS!! I do a live prayer every Monday morning to encourage others to pray over each day & their week. 

Think about your history to learn about yourself & begin to heal.  

Have a great week!!

Brenda Presha

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