Putting a Wall Up Blocks Your Blessings

Happy Monday & Happy October, 

I hope all is well!  We've been blessed to see a new week and a new month.  We have so much to be grateful for and I hope you realize that Sis.    

Today I want to talk about putting up walls.  In church Sunday, my pastor said, "you put up walls to protect you,  but it actually limits you."  That was mind blowing to me.  I needed to hear those words, so I know someone else needed to hear it as well.  Do you have walls up?  I definitely do but I've decided it's time for them to come down.  I don't want to limit myself due to past experiences. 

I always say I believe my present and future will be better than my past.  So, I had to do a heart check this weekend, because if I really believed it, why do I have the wall up?  The wall was put up as a form of protection because I was betrayed by someone close to me.  However, that wall is keeping out the better that is coming into my life.  Putting a wall up is like creating a little invisible prison around yourself that is limiting your potential.  

It's time to break the wall.  Yes, you may like it, you may feel like it's protecting you, but it's time to knock it down.  It's time to really trust the lesson you learned from the situation, and welcome the new and improved into your life.  The first step is to ask yourself if you have a wall up and why. 

I'll go first.  As most of you know, I am a divorced mom of 3.  My divorce hurt me extremely bad, and I walled my heart up.  I have not dated seriously since that relationship, because I never wanted to experience that type of emotional pain again.  Several amazing men have come into my life, but the wall kept them at a distance.  However, I am now willing to remove the wall to see what great things are coming my way.  I am willing to remove the wall so I won't block my blessings.  I will no longer be a hindrance to myself.  

This week's affirmation:  The wall I put up is not protecting me, but limiting me.  I will knock it down and accept all the good and perfect gifts coming into my life.  I will no longer block my blessings.  

Also, I'm a woman who believes in the power of prayer.  I have a group on Facebook just for ladies where we are encouraging each other to grow in the Lord daily.  To join us click here  https://tinyurl.com/y4usa6pu   If you would like me to stand in agreement with you in prayer reply back to this email...PRAYER WORKS!! We'll be praying every Monday morning at 6:30am EST. Conference Line : 605-313-5417, Access Code 786750

Knock that wall down & choose to have a great week!!

Brenda Presha

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