Stop Expecting "You" From People

Hi Hun, 

I hope all is well!  Happy new week.  Another Monday is a fresh start to do better from last week.  We're not in competition with anyone else...just the person we see in the mirror.  Promise yourself you'll be better and do better than last week.  Whatever that means for you.  Promise yourself you'll move forward inch by inch, step by step.  Promise yourself that you'll grow and you refuse to stay in the same place.  It's time out for staying in the past and focusing on our yesterdays.  Today is a gift and I hope we all choose to use this day wisely.  

Today I want to talk about expectations.  I saw a picture message today that said:  "Remove expectations from people, and you'll remove their power to hurt your feelings."  The worse thing you can do is expect "you" from people.  People are going to do whatever they want and however they want to do it.  All we can do is expect their actions to speak louder than their words.  Then we believe what we see not what they say.

To be honest, our only expectation can be in God.  He's promised to always do what He says so we can always expect Him to.  He never lies and He always comes through no matter what.   Now, people on the other hand will have you in your feelings because they'll switch up quick.  If you're expecting them to reciprocate how you've treated them then you may just be expecting disappointment.  However, if you have sincere people in your life who reciprocate how you treat them then please love on them & tell them they're appreciated because that's hard to find sometimes.  

So, this week I want to encourage you to remove expectations from people and learn how to protect your feelings. 
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Have a great week!!

Fight everyday for a better life, 

Brenda Presha


  • Thanks so much. I’m grateful for the opportunity to encourage myself as I encourage others :)

    Brenda Presha
  • Why did I just see this in my inbox! Go girl!!! So very proud of you!!! Keep going!!!


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