When To Give Up

Hi Hun, 

I hope all is well!  Happy new week.  We've been blessed to see another Monday and that's a big deal.  How are you? I really want to know.  Sometimes we just need to know someone cares.  I've been through so much in my life and I just wanted someone to see me...not act like I didn't exist...not overlook me.  So, I sincerely hope all is well in your world.  

Today I want to talk about giving up.  You can look at giving up in a positive way or negative way.  There are things we should give up and there are things we shouldn't give up.  If it's hurting you and not helping you then it's time to give it up.  If it's not helping you grow then it's time to give it up.  If it's low self esteem...give it up.  If it's self doubt...give it up.  If it's negativity...give it up.  If it's being a people pleaser...give it up.  

Now if you're working towards a goal and it's getting a little hard then it's not time to give up.  Push through that feeling until you accomplish your goal.  If you feel like every time you try to do better everything gets worse then it's not time to give up.  What I've learned in my 34 years on the Earth is every time you're fighting to move forward an obstacle will pop up.  What you do when that obstacle pops up determines a lot.  Will you give up and throw in the towel or will fight through it?  If someone told you life is easy and you're just gonna be skipping through each day then they told you a lie.  Life can be challenging and you will find yourself facing days where you want to give up.  Don't give up.  It's ok to take a break but don't throw in the towel.  Use that towel to clean off your eyes so you can look at things from a different perspective.     

So, this week I want to encourage you to think about 3 things you need to give up and 3 things you don't need to give up.  It could be about your budget or spending habits, eating habits, exercise, relationships, spiritual journey with God, or career choices just to name a few.  Also, I'm a woman who believes in the power of prayer. 
If you would like me to stand in agreement with you in prayer reply back to this email...PRAYER WORKS!! We'll be praying every Monday at 6:30am EST. Conference Line : 605-313-5417, Access Code 786750

Choose to have a great week!

Brenda Presha


  • Thank Sis. My budget is on there too. I had to stop eating out so much.

    Brenda Presha
  • Love it! Spending habits is at the top of my five up list. Finally sat down and created a budget that I’ve been sticking to it for the most part


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