Letter To My Ladies: Encouragement to get us through each week!

  • Stop Expecting "You" From People

    Today I want to talk about expectations.  I saw a picture message today that said:  "Remove expectations from people, and you'll remove their power to hurt your feelings."  The worse thing you can do is expect "you" from people.  People are going to do whatever they want and however they want to do it.  All we can do is expect their actions to speak louder than their words.  Then we believe what we see not what they say.
  • Comparison is the thief of joy. Protect your joy Sis!

    Lets take our eyes from others and put them back on us.  I want you to choose 1 thing to focus on in your life that you want to be better in this week.  Baby steps are the beginning of big steps.  Before children run they have to crawl then walk.  The process is important to get you to where you want to be.  Don't be discouraged because someone is running while you're learning to crawl.  Everyone is at different stages of their journey so that's why we choose not to compare ourselves but focus on our journey.  
  • Block Negativity From Your Life...Don't Let It In

    No matter who we are or what we do there will always be someone popping up with negativity.  Sometimes, it's hilarious and it comes out of nowhere.  Sometimes, it's an ongoing thing and you feel like it's going to push you over the edge.  Sometimes, people make random assumptions and just make comments without thinking before they speak.  I say all this to say that negative people are a part of life.  Our job is to determine how we will deal with it.  First and foremost, we need to make sure we are not a negative person
  • Don't Stop in a Temporary Place...Reach Your Destination!

    Today I want to share a word with you.  The word of the week is resilience.  It is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.  Resilience is a trait we all should want.  Life is not without difficulty and we may encounter some bumps in the road with some valleys we have to climb out of.